Friday, February 12, 2010

How Rich People Smoke Pot - The Daily Beast

The Volcano Vaporizer has become a coveted status symbol for posh pot smokers, who say it draws out the drug's aroma like "the bouquet of a wine," and their personal trainers insist on it.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Da Grammy's

Yep It coulda been the drugs but I kinda feel like watching the Grammy’s last night was like watching a pet get put down..The music industry which is becoming more and more irrelevant every day with artists publishing, selling and finding new ways to promote their art..I mean the best song was a Michael Jackson tribute using his new song "Earth Song" which in my humble opinion was the best song played all night which was produced as a thank-you from the music business fucks that owe Jackson a big thank you for still paying them as he was their best selling artist of 09 and by the looks last night there isn't a whole lot of competition. Beyonce won six - a record for the most Grammy Awards won by a female artists in a single night, including Song of the Year for 'Single Ladies', and Jay-Z scored Best Rap Performance by a Solo Artist for 'D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune)'. Good times at their place later! Kings of Leon won Record of the Year for 'Use Somebody'. (Didn't they used to be smokin hot, the next super group? Now they look kind of swollen and gross) Leon Russell out rock stared them with his flowing white locks, ZZ Top beard,shades, stetson hat and pin stripe suit! (and he's recovering from brain surgery) As far as the RIP part with photo's and sound bites of the people who passed on during 09 that the recording industry deemed or selected I did notice one glaring omission Jay Reatard! Am I so naive as to believe that Jay Reatard’s recent passing at the early age of 29 was ever guaranteed recognition by the Grammy’s, but is it really that much of an imposition on the Recording Academy to include this big name from the “indie” music world in their “In Memoriam” montage . Yes finally there was a brief sighting of Slash, with the mix way to trebly;(its an adverb) for the sound at least at my house to do his playing any justice. Oh and a much to brief tribute to Les Paul which wasted the talents of one Jeff Beck whom on the cover of his best selling album Wired was clutching a Fender Strat (I know he had a Gibson on Blow By Blow) which brings me to the only other talent that impressed me which was Pink who brought the circus to her Grammy Awards 2010 performance.  (I'm sure all the years in Vegas living with Cory she must have seen Circus Soliel a few times) At first, she walked on stage and wore a silky white robe that covered her head to toe singing 'Glitter in the Air' from her Funhouse album, Pink suddenly dropped the robe to reveal a sheer bodysuit, climbed onto a white sheet and was lifted into the air. High above the stage, she spun in circles and continued to sing as water began to pour from above. The song wrapped with Pink spinning upside down and soaking wet. Let me tell you just seeing her walk off the stage in the big heels after spinning around that much almost impressed me more that how good Barbra Bach still looks....Ringo always was the shrewd one....Peace out.....

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Pot Smokers Busted On YouTube
A 44 year old Gretna, Nebraska, man has been arrested for smoking marijuana with his sons
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sarpy County Lt. Steve Grabowski tells 1110 KFAB they found more than 90 videos on YouTube showing David Johnson and his 17 and 19 year old sons smoking pot.  Investigators also seized 50 bongs and pipes from Johnson's house during the January 12th search.  
(gee I bet they had a few lighters too)

Johnson has been charged with misdemeanor child abuse and possesion of drug paraphernalia and marijuana.  Johnson's oldest son Tavis was cited for marijuana possesion, and the 17 year old is now in foster care.

The Internet has become a tool for law enforcement officials in recent years and Grabowski says anyone who engages in illegal online activity can end up in jail.


Two events dominated discussion last week: the unveiling of Apple's iPad and President Obama's State of the Union address. Leading up to last Wednesday, many wondered if Apple's event would overshadow Obama's. On social media, that was certainly the case.
As the infographic explains, however, even if Apple had the buzz, Obama brought the honey. Generally, 42% of Apple's mentions were positive and 46% were indifferent, whereas 65% of his mentions approved of Obama's address and only 19% were indifferent.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Court of Appeals Harshes Bogus Religion's Pot Buzz

No, you can't have special permission to smoke weed because you're part of a non-religious religion, said the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit to Marc Perkel, founder of the Church of Reality.

While smoking weed nine years ago in San Bruno, Perkel came up with the idea for the Church of Reality, a "reality-based" religion that embraces smoking pot as a gateway to inspire creative thinking and "really good ideas." It has since become a tax-exempt non-profit and amassed thousands of followers. The church philosophy, according to the Web site, is essentially this: "If it's real, we believe in it."

Though not necessary for Church of Reality practice, weed is apparently a really important aspect. So eventually Perkel decided to ask the Drug Enforcement Administration for an weed exemption from the Controlled Substance Act under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The DEA said no way.

It likely didn't help that the Church of Reality isn't even really a religion. Even if it was, the inability to lawfully smoke weed doesn't impose a substantial burden on the exercising members, the DEA said.

Perkel wasn't satisfied that. He filed a petition for a review of the order with the 9th Circuit, stating that marijuana "has been misclassified and is a relatively harmless substance" used by church members to "inspire creative thinking, for medical purposes, relaxation, and socially -- like social drinking." He admitted, though, that the drug isn't consumed during any particular ritual or ceremony and that its prohibition would not coerce the members to act contrary to their beliefs (or, uh, non-beliefs).

Perkel's best argument, according to the court's denial of his petition, was that withholding weed causes members "a diminishment of spiritual fulfillment." Still, this didn't quite quality him for protection under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Bummer!